5 Dog Care Tips for Fall Adventures

5 Dog Care Tips for Fall Adventures

Fall is in full swing. And while this season is synonymous with pumpkin spice lattes and walks laden with burnt orange leaves, fall is a transitional period for your dog’s care routine.

As the weather draws cooler between fall and winter, dogs tend to have different grooming needs and will need a helping paw to make sure they continue to thrive. From protecting their precious paws to keeping those sneezes away, we would like to share our 5 dog care tips for fall adventures.

Ears pricked? Dig into this blog to prepare your dog for a comfortable and healthy season!

  1. Grooming

Bath time:
Summer might call for more frequent baths - to wash away dirt or salt water from their outdoor pursuits - but you’ll want to adjust your bathing routine, not only in response to a change in lifestyle, but also to prevent colder and drier air from irritating your dog’s skin.

Bathe your dog less if they’re prone to dry skin or use dry shampoo to keep them fresh in between their bath schedule - this avoids drying out their skin. Shampoo for dogs also helps to kill bacteria, heal irritation and reduce shedding.  


Unlike their feline friends, dogs don’t groom themselves, so they need extra help to keep their thicker winter coat in check and prevent matting. Regular brushing two to three times a week with a suitable brush or comb will help remove loose fur and prevent knots.

  1. Allergies 

Weather shifts that come with the change of seasons can cause allergies to flare up. Even the switch to heating in your home - and resulting dry air - can rob your dog's skin of essential moisture leading to dry, flaky, sensitive skin. Pollen can also cling to your dog’s fur and cause skin irritations, itching, and rashes.

Take some time to address these skin issues before they become really troublesome for your dog when the colder and drier air rolls in. Be sure to brush, de-shed, and detangle your dog’s coat to help get pollen and irritants away from the skin.

If healthy skin and coat are common issues in your house, our specially formulated omega-3 supplements for dogs can help to give canine companions a glossy glow - find out more, or fetch the fishy goodness here - https://activechews.com/products/active-chews-omega-skin-coat-treats 

  1. Protect those paws

It's always important to keep an eye on your dog’s paws. Dogs love exploration, but this can lead them into all sorts of environments. Fall and winter promise more icy and salty surfaces, both of which can irritate their paw pads.

To keep their paw pads from becoming cracked or sore, trim their paw hair - this ensures that snow, ice or pesky leaf mulch won't stick to their paws and create uncomfortable matted hair. It will also help protect them from bacteria or infections. As good practice, try to wash and dry their paws post-walkies. 

If you’re worried about their precious paws, dog boots offer a wide range of benefits, especially if you have an active pup. Just like your own feet, your dog's paws are soft and prone to injury, especially if you take them running, hiking, or spending time out in extreme weather. 

  1. Stay warm

It might seem counter-intuitive for those extra fluffy doggos, but our canine companies can get chilly on outdoor adventures during the cooler months. This is especially important for more mature and thinner dogs who feel the cold more than most.

A dog jacket will keep them warm and toasty when they’re out on walks. Depending on the weather and the thickness of your pet's coat, a dog sweater might be all they need to stay warm. When you arrive home from a walk, make sure you dry off your dog thoroughly. 

At home, supply plenty of bedding, and aim to keep your dog's bed in a room that's warm, well-insulated and draught-free. This is especially important for dogs with arthritis - if your dog does suffer from arthritis, our Hip & Joint chew supplements can help…

  1. An Active dog is a happy dog

We all tend to hibernate during fall and winter. Getting cozy by the fireplace or curling up with hot coco are some of the greatest pleasures. However, your dog will still be eager to burn off energy to stay fit and healthy - so swap those slippers for walking shoes!

For the fall and winter months, your dog’s joints can be affected by cold weather - this is especially important for arthritic dogs - therefore it’s important to be mindful of their mobility and comfort. 

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