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Our furry friends come in all shapes and sizes, as they travel through life they have different needs. Whether it be extra joint or immune support, bladder control or digestive help. Active Chews formulas have been scientifically developed to provide effective support for your pups.

Make playtime fun again

We know how much your best friends mean to you, we feel the same and there is nothing worse than seeing our furry friends downbeat and struggling. There are often simple measures to take that can vastly improve the joy in your dog's life. That's why we've created our Active Chews:

⭐️ Full of natural ingredients

⭐️ Tasty, easy to feed as treats or within meals

⭐️ Gets straight to work with improving your dog's life.

Over 5000 5-Star reviews on Amazon

Just started using these for about 1 week, but the dogs love them so far. I'm a Vet tech and very picky about what supplements I use for my own pets.


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Not only has he not experienced any additional hip/leg issues since he started taking these supplements, he runs around with the energy and agility of a much younger dog


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We have been using this for two of our rescue pups for about five years!
These chews have really helped them both:)


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Muddy paws, wagging tails and wide eyed smiles - let us bring back the fun with your pup.

We’ve been there, trying to pick-up runny poos, seeing our dogs with stiff joints and itchy skin.

The trouble is, dogs are just like us and we can forget that. Every dog, no matter the breed, goes through a life journey where they need extra support at different stages.

It’s hard to keep up with all of the nutritional guidance, we know, but that’s where Active Chew’s come in.

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