Bladder & Urinary

Our cranberry chews for dogs is much more than just dog supplements. It's a unique combination of ingredients that helps promote bladder strength for dogs, immune support, kidney care. Our dog bladder control chews promote comfortable urination and provide relief from stomach bloating, gas, and overall discomfort.

✨ Resists bad bacteria

✨ Promotes bladder strength

✨ 100% natural

Digestive Support

Keep your pup’s digestive tract on track with our probiotic for dogs, featuring our proprietary blend of gut-friendly nutrients. Our puppy supplies pack a punch, with 4 billion CFU’s in 2 of our dog chews, plus our probiotics chews come in delicious flavors that may even outshine the puppy treats.

🌟 Perfect poops

🌟 Fewer tummy rumbles

🌟 Healthy guts

🌟 Immune support

Joint & Mobility

Our Glucosamine Chondroitin Hip & Joint dog chew is specially formulated for joint support, so your four-legged friend can run circles around you for years to come. The best part — our glucosamine chondroitin for dogs tastes great.

⚡️ Helps cushion & lubricate joints

⚡️ Improves joint flexibility

⚡️Soreness relief

⚡️ 100% Natural

Healthy Skin & Coat

Our omega 3 for dogs is much more than just fish oil for dogs. It's a unique combination of 4 smaller fish that creates a pure, potent, omega 3 fish oil blend. Active Chews dog supplements may help support skin and dog coat, itchy skin, flaking, and hot spots while supporting the immune system and promoting heart and brain health.

💥 Omega 3 Fish Oils

💥 Maintains healthy skin

💥 Healthy shiny coats