Go Glossy this Summer: Benefits of Omega-3 in Dog

Go Glossy this Summer: Benefits of Omega-3 in Dog

Can fish oil supplements for dogs really give our canine companions a glossy glow?

Among others, a soft, shiny and lustrous coat is the first sign of a healthy dog. The pettable fur comes from the dog’s natural oils and its consistent shedding - always welcome for a fluffy cuddle! If your dog’s coat is dull and brittle, or they have dry, flaky skin, then they might be lacking essential fatty acids from their diet. Owners hate to see their doggos unhappy and all dogs deserve a glossy, irresistible summer coat. That’s where the power of omega-3 comes in!

Fish Oil and Omega-3 for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs cannot manufacture their own omega-3 fatty acids but it is essential for their heart health, brain and vision function and inflammation processes. Fish oil provides your dog with the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA - considered essential because they need to come from your dog’s diet which they cannot sufficiently produce. 

Here are some of the known benefits of EPA and DHA …

  • Support brain health
  • Maintain eye health
  • Promote brain and eye development in puppies
  • May decrease the risk of some cancers 

Fish oils are a popular supplement for dogs and cats. The rich fatty acids (the good kind!) support your pet’s skin and coat health. Opting for an omega-3 supplement for dogs is an easy, convenient way to make sure they are getting the right levels of essential nutrients and they are living their best, tail-wagging life!

Pawsome Benefits of Omega-3
Omega-3’s play a vital role in your dog’s body:

  • Playful Puppies: 
  • As puppies start to explore the world around them, they are likely to be introduced to various. DHA, a component in omega-3 fatty acid, aids in the proper brain and eye development of puppies.

  • Middle age dogs
  • The supplement helps to contribute towards healthy skin and a pettable coat from the essential fatty nutrients in their diet.

  • Distinguished Senior Dogs
  • Omega-3’s ability to support a healthy inflammatory response is another benefit, especially if your dog is not a youngster anymore.

    If your dog is not getting enough omega 3’s from their diet alone, supplementation may be helpful in issues that result from deficiency. It’s important to consult your veterinarian regarding nutrient-deficiency and confirm supplement use before properly integrating into a dog’s diet.

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    Please note: A supplement is just that, a supplement. It is given in addition to their regular food.