Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer: At Home & Outdoors

Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer: At Home & Outdoors

With the summer season underway in the US, we want to help you keep your dogs cool as cucumbers so they can ruff the warm weather too!

Unlike their human counterparts, dogs tend to feel the heat more. When the temperature rises, dogs sweat a bit differently than we do. They circulate the cool air by panting more and release sweat through merocrine glands located on their paw pads, helping them to cool down. In summer, dogs need a little extra care and attention to make sure they’re thriving in the heat - not just surviving.

From extra fluffy doggos to playful pups, here are our tips and tricks for keeping your dog cool this summer, at home and outdoors.

Keep your Dog Cool At home

During summer days it’s easy for your house to warm up quickly. Where you can, keep your dog indoors when the sun is strongest, between 11.00am and 3.00pm. Some dogs may be able to cope with this rise in temperature, while others may struggle.

On hot days, remember to:

  • Set up multiple doggy watering stations around the house
  • Add ice cubes to your dog’s water bowls 
  • Freeze a dog toy and let them chew on it
  • Put down damp towels for your dog to lie on or pop one on their back
  • If your dog has a long or heavy coat you could keep them clipped to make them feel more comfortable
  • Keep dogs out of hot conservatories
  • Avoid housing your dog in direct sunlight. Create a safe space away from direct sunlight, with plenty of water and a fan (if you have one!)

If you have access to a paddling pool, your dog might enjoy sitting in the cool water while enjoying outdoor time with you and the family. To keep your dog mentally stimulated (instead of their usual outdoor playtime), take time to teach your dog new tricks or basic training.

Grooming your dog is important in the summer months, especially for longhaired breeds, to get rid of matts and tangles. A tangle-free coat will protect your pet’s delicate skin. Our Omega-3 Active Chews can support dog’s healthy skin and natural oils to keep them cool in summer - SHOP OMEGA 3

Outdoor Adventures

Summer wouldn’t be right without epic, outdoor adventures, sun soaking and getting active! You can still bring your dog along for the ride with some simple tips:

  • Beach Day:
    If you’re going to the beach, make sure you go at cooler times of the day - early morning or late afternoon - so as to avoid the midday sun. Set up a sun tent or beach umbrella for a spot of shade for your dog and take plenty of water with you. Don’t exercise your dog too much - this will help them stay calm, collected and COOL!

    A dip in the ocean is a great exercise alternative to walking in summer, just make sure they don’t drink lots of salty sea water as this can make your dog sick.
  • Road Trips:
  • Even on warm days a car can act as a greenhouse, with temperatures inside the car being much higher than outside. Keep your dog cool on road trips by planning your journey ahead of time.

    If you’re road tripping with your dog, remember to create a safe, comfortable and cool spot in the car, ensuring to make frequent breaks on the way so they can drink water - pop their water in a chiller to keep it colder for longer. Avoid travelling during the hottest times of the day. 

    Use window sunshades to help reflect the sun’s rays and keep the car cooler and don’t forget about AC. 

  • Hikes and Trail Walking:
  • For most dogs, anything over 80° F is too hot to go hiking, unless your dog is acclimated to the heat and there will be plenty of shade and water. If you’re planning a hike with your dog, here are some tips to keep them cool this summer.

    Choose your route: Keep your hikes short with access to shade. The more elevated you hike, the higher the humidity. Letting your dog wade and swim in water helps them to cool down.

    Start early: Hitting the trails early means you'll miss the worst of the heat, and the early-morning dew can be a big help in keeping your dog's paws cool

    Hydration: Pack plenty of drinkable water and plan lots of water breaks in the shade.

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    We hope you and your dog have a fun, active summer! Find out more about how Active Chews can help you dog here: Active Chews